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Attorney Mark Treyz Case Results

Case Results


I have successfully tried and negotiated thousands of criminal cases in my over 30 years of practice. During this time I have handled nearly every type of criminal case and have been able to achieve a high level of reductions, amendments, and dismissals for my clients. I have experience in every court in Pierce, King, and Thurston County.

While I am able to negotiate many cases effectively without a trial, there are times when a trial is necessary to obtain justice for the client. Here is a partial list of trials I have conducted over the years that have resulted in not guilty verdicts, dismissals, or reductions during the trial. Feel free to inquire as to any of these matters, or any other case that I have handled.

  • 12-1-04210-3, Felony Assault charges dismissed day of trial
  • B00014125, Assault not guilty verdict
  • B00014835, Assault not guilty verdict
  • 950029842, DUI not guilty verdict
  • 950073909, DUI not guilty verdict
  • 96-115014, DUI not guilty verdict
  • B00100303 DUI not guilty verdict
  • 89-1-01110-9, Vehicular Homicide not guilty verdict
  • 96-1-00224-2, Child Molestation not guilty verdict
  • 97-1-02081-8, Child Rape not guilty verdict
  • Y0C011149, Assault not guilty verdict
  • B00146230, DUI not guilty verdict
  • 5YC000063, DUI Not guilty verdict
  • 05-1-03438-8, Burglary Charges reduced during trial
  • 8YC003197, DUI Not guilty verdict
  • 8YC010030, Assault Charges dismissed during trial
  • C13753, Assault Cases dismissed during trial
  • 10-1-00183-4, Assault Cases reduced during trial
  • 10-1-01719-6, Child Rape Charges reduced during trial
  • 10-1-04499-1, Child Rape Charges dismissed during trial
  • 11-1-00851-9, Drug/Gun Charge Charges dismissed during trial
  • 2ZC002608, DUI Charges reduced during trial
  • 2ZC001386, DUI Not guilty verdict
  • 21536801, Hit and Run Dismissed prior to trial
  • C35052, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 3ZC003065, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 14-1-00067-1, Felony Assault Dismissed prior to trial
  • 2ZC005002, DUI Dismissed day of trial
  • 14U0020, Assault Dismissed prior to trial
  • C34353, Assault/DV Charges dismissed day of trial
  • 13-1-04345-1, Felony Assault Deferred sentence/dismissal
  • 14L545, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 3ZC003349, DUI Not guilty verdict
  • 3:14-po-06240-KLS, Possession of drugs Dismissed prior to trial
  • 14-1-01603-6, Felony Assault Deferred/Dismissed
  • 15L0109, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • D47162, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 4ZC003900, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 15L39, Theft in the Third Degree Dismissed prior to trial
  • 5ZC001531, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • D46673, Assault/DV Dismissed prior day of trial
  • 16-1-03942-3, Child Molestation Dismissed prior to trial
  • 17-1-00897-6, Assault First Degree Not guilty verdict
  • 18L000621, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • D49968, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • D5193, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 8ZC002699, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 8ZC003218, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 18L001618, Assault/DV Dismissed prior to trial
  • 21-1-03802-4, Child Molestation First Degree Not guilty verdict
  • 22-1-01764-5, Assault First Degree Not guilty verdict
  • 22-1-00689-9, Theft/Identity Theft Not guilty verdict
  • 22-1-02947-3, Felony no Contact Order/Harassment Dismissed prior to trial
  • 1AC000783, Animal Cruelty Dismissed prior to trial
  • 3AC100028, Assault 4 Dismissed prior to trial
  • 23-1-01388-5, Unlawful possession of a firearm First Degree Not guilty verdict
  • 24-1-00436-1, Assault Second Degree Dismissed prior to trial