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Protecting and Advancing Your Rights

When Attorney Mark Treyz began his private practice in 1988, his goal was to serve the community with a small, personal criminal defense practice focused on giving clients the support they need in challenging and difficult situations.

Being arrested, receiving a DUI, getting into trouble as a kid, or other legal trouble is scary, and often life changing. The Law Office of Mark S. Treyz is here for you. Mark is an experienced criminal attorney in Tacoma, with a proven track record of success. His legal assistant Heather is reliable, detailed, and attentive to the needs of each individual client.

You are important to Mark and Heather, you are a priority and need our help, attention to details, and expertise. We are committed to protecting and advancing your rights. We work tirelessly to make sure you get the best defense, working towards the best outcome possible.

Individual Attention

Because we are a small, personal practice, you will not be shuffled off to an associate or intern like other firms routinely do. When you retain Mark Treyz to handle your case, you can rest assured it will be Mark that handles your matter from the beginning of the case through the end. Both Mark and Heather know the status of your case as well as the details of your matter. When you call our firm you will receive personal and detailed attention.

Many law firms in Tacoma have Rule 9 interns (law students that have not yet passed the bar examination) or brand new lawyers, that handle their client cases. You may meet with, and think you’ve hired the senior defense attorney at the firm, only to have an inexperienced lawyer, or legal intern, that you have never met, and knows next to nothing about your case, show up in court. At the Law Office of Mark S. Treyz that will never happen. You will have seasoned Tacoma criminal lawyer Mark, and his 30 years of experience, at every step of the way.

Flexible Payment Terms

Because Mark is the sole owner of the firm, he has the ability to structure his fees to be both reasonable and flexible. While a down payment (retainer) is usually requested, attorney Mark Treyz will work with each client, on an individual basis, to make sure that his representation is affordable and workable for all his clients. We routinely offer no interest monthly payments and accept cash, check, or credit cards for payments.

Pierce County Courts

Mark has experience in all courts in Pierce County, as well as King and Thurston counties. He routinely handles matters in Pierce County Superior Court, Pierce County District Court, Tacoma Municipal Court, Puyallup Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court and Gig Harbor Municipal Court.