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Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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When someone accuses you of a crime and the police place you under arrest, you can face serious consequences. Fines, administrative penalties, and jail time are common sentences in Washington criminal cases. Depending on the crime, these penalties can impact your quality of life, reputation, and ability to find stable housing and employment.

To protect yourself from prosecution and defend your side of the story in court, you need a crime defense attorney on your side. Lawyers can provide significant benefits to any criminal case, from legal knowledge and experience to a breadth of investigatory resources.

#1: Reduced Penalties

When you face a conviction for a crime, the court will inform you of the maximum penalties you may face if your trial results in a guilty verdict. Hiring a defense attorney can help you reduce the potential consequences you may face.

Your criminal defense lawyer can evaluate your case and determine your best options to reduce or dismiss your penalties. He or she may successfully argue for your innocence and you may not face charges at all. Your attorney can also negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your sentence, helping you avoid harsh penalties.

#2: Valuable Knowledge and Experience

Entering the criminal justice system for the first time can be overwhelming, and it is very possible that you have not spent years studying Washington criminal law. An attorney will have the experience and knowledge you need to navigate this system and best prepare for your trial.

Your lawyer will have the ability to assess your case and determine your best possible outcomes, using that information to build a compelling defense of your behalf. An attorney can pull resources and strategies from previous cases he or she defended, using his or her past experience to your advantage.

#3: Resource Availability

Defense attorneys have a wide range of investigatory resources available to handle your case. Your attorney will be able to dedicate the time and money necessary to gather evidence, track down witnesses, collect testimony, and craft a compelling case strategy on your behalf. Your attorney can also find expert witnesses who can provide additional testimony to support your case.

#4: Efficiency

While hiring a defense attorney may seem like a significant investment, these professionals may save you time and money in the long run. Simply put, hiring a lawyer is the most efficient strategy you can use to combat these charges and return to normalcy, avoiding unnecessary delays and lengthy, costly court proceedings.

Your attorney will know how to manage legal matters and handle required paperwork so you can focus on your responsibilities, such as work and family. He or she will take immediate action to resolve your case as quickly as possible with the least number of penalties.

#5: Negotiation Skills

In many criminal cases, you will need to enter negotiations with the prosecution to work out a plea deal. In some situations, these negotiations are your best pathway to the most optimal outcome. Your attorney will have the skills and experience necessary to engage in these negotiations on your behalf, advocating aggressively for reduced jail time or fines.

If you are facing arrest, you need an attorney on your side. Your lawyer will be your strongest advocate during each stage of your case, helping you understand how to prepare and your best possible outcome. As soon as possible following your arrest, contact a defense attorney to begin crafting your case.

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